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I dislike the chant intensely. A few of their fans complained about our drums a while back, but anything beats that bloody chant..

Wasps Rugby Discussion / Re: Rowlands linked with move to Wales again
« on: June 25, 2020, 07:03:50 PM »
 When Wasps played there in the development cup I went into the clubhouse/bar to ask about watching the internationals felt like going back to the 1970s or something. This was not a club with money.

To be honest I think Scarlets are the place to be, worshipped locally, reasonable ground that gets atmospheric quickly- good facilities-  I have taken PE lessons in their indoor barn and it is not bad at all, the place has a good footing in the community. The Ospreys are certainly not bad on paper- plenty of nice places to live in Neath and Swansea, although the Mumbles and Gower area is stupidly overpriced- but the crowds are very disappointing and Europe has been a distant dream for them.

 Stay a long time at the Scarlets and you won't have to buy a drink again in Llanelli. Which is fine as long as you want to drink in Llanelli.

The number of people who think they had it last December is big, you hear it over'I had it in December', but in every study testing reveals a relatively small portion of the population  had it.  I know a couple of dozen people who had a fever and dry cough in that period- teaching exposed you to lots of people as I am sure Chunky24 will testify- my colleagues dropped like flies back then, some were really ill, but the odds are as Raggs says, those people had another respiratory virus, but not Covid 19, the symptoms of which overlap significantly. I have had the misfortune to be hospitalised for over a week by such a virus a couple of years back Covid 19 does not have a monopoly on such things.

 Sadly, one of my Uni contemporaries, a parent at school, did fall victim to the virus and died in April, which brought it home to me- I am 47.
Antibody testing is being rolled out  slowly now (my neighbour is having one Wed), so for some they will be able to say for sure over the next few months. In Wales everyone seems to be in the top priority category for testing. Parents, Teachers, NHS, Care workers, Care home residents, Police have all been mentioned, which makes you wonder who is at the bottom....
The principality is likely to stay a field hospital thus winter in case of a second spike, so England has been mooted for internationals.

Wasps Rugby Discussion / Re: Ben V on Twitter
« on: June 21, 2020, 05:36:50 PM »
 Thanks. It seems like another lifetime ago to me. Ben V too, no doubt. Hopefully he will get a good run of games.

Wasps Rugby Discussion / Re: Ben V on Twitter
« on: June 20, 2020, 10:21:34 PM »
A really exciting signing, I was so gutted for him last year- wasn't it pre season when it all went wrong? Looking forward to seeing him in action.

Wasps Rugby Discussion / Re: Swing Low - Gone?
« on: June 19, 2020, 10:02:28 PM »
I used to sing swing low to my daughter when she was small, all the verses.
I am very aware of its roots. I am also aware that it is sung as a Christian hymn in churches today.

Is the issue that it has been culturally appropriated or that was a spiritual slave song? The origins of it coming to rugby must surely be nebulous, or difficult to prove. Surely what matters is - is it offensive to be sung now as it is, regardless of who first sung it at a rugby match and why?

 The six nations is an issue in terms of NH performances at the WC, as is the club structure here leading to some really weak teams sent abroad in June, such as the NZ tour of 3 matches under Lancaster.  I mean for fifteen years Wales have been a force in the NH and only this year got close to a WC final and although I thought they would have won against England in the final had they made it, they could easily have been ousted by France before. Ireland have been about as close to a World Cup as Fiji or Tonga, and yet win the 6n.

The NH has the money but I would rather have trophies than cash as a nation, and we do not help ourselves with a 6n that is the talk of the town and rakes it in, but where mediocre teams can win it and be celebrated as sliced bread mark two, often  thanks to the away/home split and a club game that acts against the interests of the teams with the biggest playing pools and the biggest potential on the world stage. Say what you like about the regional games, but Ireland and Wales have consistently been top table in the 6n whilst France and England for all their might and power of resources, actually have lower 6n returns than they should, a fact that is reversed come WC.

Wasps Rugby Discussion / Re: First choice 23 for you?
« on: June 13, 2020, 11:55:27 PM »
I would want to start Minozzi on the wing if I could, rather than covering.

Back row is still a headache even with departures! Still strong for us.
 Don't really know enough about the front row come set pieces,  but I am always surprised at  how much stick is given to Brookes about his work rate about the field which seems fine to my untrained eye. Maybe people expect more from their front rows nowadays.

Wasps Rugby Discussion / Re: Anyone expecting new signings?
« on: June 13, 2020, 11:48:57 PM »
Lots of if, buts, maybe in there. I am sure we will find out more in time about his exit.

I think we might actually get a signing of an older name at some point if the right one comes up and it suits. We picked up some pretty good players when money was tight- Southwell, Betsen, Smith, Goode types. Someone might want another year at the end of an international career without the big bucks. People enjoy playing and experiencing new clubs, or might have connections to the area. A big name mega bucks signing must be out of the question, surely?

Wasps Rugby Discussion / Re: Nemo has found a new home.
« on: June 12, 2020, 09:11:38 PM »
Sad times. Or Bugger. Not sure which.
One of our strong areas looks  a bit weaker after this week,but it is still a strong area.

Wasps Rugby Discussion / Re: Ashley leaving
« on: June 10, 2020, 08:15:08 PM »
Clearly a Legend. Top stuff from him from day one. Thanks for many great memories.....

Shame, he seemed to be coming into his own. How long that would have lasted is anyone's guess, but I wish him well.

Wasps Rugby Discussion / Re: Sam Burgess
« on: June 09, 2020, 01:06:31 PM »
If there was I would imagine it would of been as credible as a typical Sun or Mail front page headline.

Well I would not have read it in those papers... I only read broadsheets, podcasts and boards....wish I could recall where I heard it. It was sourced to a player in the squad.

Wasps Rugby Discussion / Re: Premiership clubs push to lower wage cap
« on: June 09, 2020, 01:04:03 PM »
I am not unhappy if top players f*** off to JPN or FRA because of money. The French system is broken, anyway. Let them go early if they wish, it was ever thus that we lost players over the channel since they stopped going to RL in the amateur days at least. Many find it isn't a glittering rainbow. If you look at players who really put bums on seats, who might tempt a neutral in having seen a clip on TV? Very few, we lost Wade to another sport, Cipriani to Glaws but it would have been France. How many others actually make a small difference even? Piatau, but he was never ours of course. Those three stand out as guys who might add a couple of hundred on. Even great, great players like Launch probably don't add to the gate and even high profile characters like Haskell probably don't affect the gate. Maybe if a team is hugely weakened a few might skip, sure. Form and league position  is far more likely to affect the gate, and especially other attractions like internationals or other major sports.

Wasps Rugby Discussion / Re: Sam Burgess
« on: June 07, 2020, 05:13:02 PM »
I think someone bought into the idea of SB's personality and leadership making up for a lack of experience or skill.
Was there a report of SB taking a lead in the run up to  one warm up game and putting a nose or two out of joint?

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