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Haha yes, that sounds familiar.

Of course, the club also does/did have a good connection with a large legal firm that used to sponsor the club.
Who are coincidentally just up the road from the Leam Community stadium site

Wasps want the 'Wasps Nest'. But, can they have it, by 26/27/28? Not a chance if a project they can hijack has not already been 'in progress' for 5-7 years. That is the reality of our planning system. I don't know what it is like in Warwick, but in my district council, next door Stratford, it can take a year for even simple planning applications in areas where development is generally permitted, to get their first hearing (ignore maximum waiting times for planning applications, it simply doesn't happen round here).

Planning around Warwick Gateway is bonkers. A private owner is trying to develop an old farmhouse and the council is saying "no", but thousands of bland homes around the plot are getting thrown up.

However to your point about the Leam FC community stadium being the Wasps Nest, I get the feeling the council is likely to fast track planning to make sure the community has an asset rather than just the developers getting rich selling houses. If anything it would be in the interest of the council to almost gift the land as long as they get a say in some of the facilities that can be created there

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